Indian Wet Grinder in Australia


If you’re looking for an Indian wet grinder, you’re in the right place. We stock a range of wet grinders from some of India’s most trusted brands including Elgi-Ultra and Vidiem. The easiest way to make pastes, batters and doughs, wet grinders are a must for any Indian or Australian kitchen.

Ultra Grinders

Elgi Ultra grinders are compact, lightweight and look great. But don’t let the sleek design fool you. They are also incredibly durable and can handle all your wet grinding needs. They have large capacity; multi-utility drums and they are super easy to clean. They also include a batter cleaner, which makes removing batter from the conical stones a breeze.

We stock a selection of Ultra grinders including the Bigg+, the Dura, Grind+ Gold and the Perfect S.

Vidiem Grinders

Vidiem grinders are incredibly compact. But while they take up very little bench space, they are still efficient little machines with a capacity of up to 2L. Perfect for home kitchens, these grinders can handle all your paste and batter needs, while being easy to use and requiring little storage space.

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