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  • Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker With Induction Compatiable

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    Ensures Uniform Heating

    Boasting of an aluminium body sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, this pressure cooker ensures even distribution of heat.

    Base Always Stays Flat

    The bottom of this pressure cooker always stays flat and never bulges.


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  • Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker

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    Super-Fast Cooking – On Average 46% Faster than Microwave Cooking

    You can complete your culinary task faster so that you can spend some quality time with your family – this cooker cooks food 46% faster on an average when compared to conventional cooking.

    Made with Hard-Anodised Aluminium

    This pressure cooker comes with a hard-anodised aluminium body which ensures fast and even distribution of heat.


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  • Prestige Popular Plus Pressure Cooker (Aluminium)

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    • The highly appreciable Prestige Popular Plus comes with an induction base and host of other top-of-the line feature.
    • Manufactured from virgin Aluminium to ensure zero contamination, the cooker boasts of high quality raw materials.
    • Perfected over a period of time with the trade mark prestige engineering, expected the very best with up-to-date innovations and features.


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  • Prestige HA Deluxe Plus Pressure Cooker

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    Pressure Indicator

    This cooker is designed with a pressure indicator which indicates the pressure level present inside while cooking.

    Hard Anodised with Induction Base

    The Prestige HA Deluxe Plus Pressure Cooker boasts of a hard anodised, aluminium body which ensures uniform heat conduction. In addition, this cooker comes with an induction base making it suitable for induction cooktops and gas stoves.


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  • Popular – Mini Handi – 3.3 Ltr



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  • Hawkins – Hevibase Pressure Cooker


    Easy to Clean and Extremely Hygienic

    You do not have to worry about spending hours to clean the pressure cooker as it is easy to clean and extremely hygienic.

    Make delicious mutton curry or boil potatoes for dosas in a jiffy with Hawkins stainless steel pressure cooker.

    Making popcorn, deep frying chicken and boiling vegetables is easy and convenient in this pressure cooker from Hawkins.

    Corrosion Resistant

    It is uniquely designed to prevent corrosion.


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  • Hawkins Bigboy Aluminum Pressure Cooker

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    • This cookware is built from aluminium which is a good conductor of heat. It is durable and helps you cook food faster.

    Body Design

    • This pressure cooker has 14 L, 18 L, 22 L capacity and can prepare a lot of rice or dall at one go. It has an inner lid design and comes with a rubber gasket as well to lock the pressure in. 
    • Hawkins Bigboy,14, 18, 22 Litres For hotels, restaurants, caterers or for large families.
    • All models with chain to secure the pressure regulator to the lid to prevent it from getting lost


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  • Delux+ Stainless steel – Senior Pan



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  • Prestige Deluxe Senior Pan 4.0 L Pressure Pan

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    • Blending contemporary styling with the beauty and dazzle of stainless steel
    • The Prestige Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker made of high quality stainless steel
    • The unique Pressure Indicator for extra safety


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  • Prestige 10/12 L Pressure Cooker(Aluminium)

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    • Outer lid cooker

    The lid that locks on the outside of the cooker provides you with a large capacity inside for bulk-cooking, when compared to inner lid cookers that take up space inside the cooker.

    • Safety and convenience

    The pressure indicator of this cooker will give a visible indication of when to safely open the cooker. This allows you to attend to the guests while the food is getting ready.


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  • Prestige Nakshatra Plus Aluminium Pressure Cooker

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  • Hawkins – Futura – Jumbo 7/9 LTR Pressure Cooker


    Made with Hard Anodised Aluminium

    Constructed using hard anodised aluminium, this pressure cooker ensures even heat distribution throughout the surface.

    Non Reactive with Food

    Made from high quality materials that is non-reactive, this pressure cooker delivers healthy food that is ideal for consumption.

    Suitable for Gas, Electric, Ceramic and Halogen Cooktops

    Designed with an induction base, this cooker is ideal for use on all types of cooktops including gas, electric, ceramic and halogen cooktops.


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  • Prestige Nakshatra Cute (Silky-Red) Pressure Cooker

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    • Prestige Nakshatra Cute pressure cooker that doesn’t just help you dish out great food, but looks great as well.
    • A wide base makes stirring easy and its unique design ensures less spillage when the food is transferred from the cooker.
    • So not only can you wow people with your culinary skills, you can show off your cooker as well.


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  • Hawkins Contura (Black) Hard Anodised_Pressure Cooker

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    Hard Anodized Body

    Featuring a hard anodized body made from the aluminium material, this pressure cooker ensures even and quick heat distribution, making it more energy efficient.

    Improved Pressure Regulator

    The improved pressure regulator allows the excess steam or pressure to escape safely.

    Curved Body for Easy Stirring

    The unique curved body of this pressure cooker allows the user to stir the food easily without any inconvenience.

    Corrosion Resistant

    Resistant to corrosion, this pressure cooker will be looking new for years to come.


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  • Hawkins Miss Mary Pressure Cooker

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    Made with Hard Anodised Aluminium

    The Hawkins Miss Mary Pressure Cooker comes with a hard anodised aluminium body that allows uniform distribution of heat throughout the surface for faster cooking.

    Super-fast Cooking – On Average 46% Faster than Microwave Cooking

    This pressure cooker speeds up your cooking process 46 percent faster on an average when compared to microwave cooking and allows you to spend more time with your family.




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